Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not much of an update......but at least it's something.

Haven't been doing too much lately. I've had a slew of headaches I've been fighting. Some days are better than others. On those "good-er" days, I signed up and have been having fun over at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ If you don't have anything to do or are already on and need an extra alliance member for your games, send me an invite to: La Mark. Oh, and don't forget to say that you read my blog so that I don't ignore or block you.

On the craft front: I'm still working on my Jan. ornament for my SAL with fortheloveofstitching group at Yahoo. I'm almost finished with it though. It's of the Eiffel Tower and says Joyeux Noel from one of the JCS Christmas mags. Don't remember which one right now but am pretty sure it was within the last few years. I'm stitching it on a bright green Aida and it's looking really SPIFF. I'll post a pic when I'm done. Today seems to be a good day so far so I just might get it finished later tonight.

Other than that there's nothing new. I'm looking forward to a visit to my sisters in early March. I'll be driving down to pick her up and bring her back here for a visit with me. It should be fun. We'll dollar shop, antique look, and probably find stuff- something that we can can. We both like preserving stuff so I'll be on the lookout at the markets for what would be a good choice to work with when she gets here. Just to mention- this will be her first real visit here. She came through with the other siblings last June and spent the night when we all took off for our first family vacation. This year- a family cruise has been mentioned. That would be fun but I do think we wouldn't have much family time together on board. On the other hand, could be that there would be no cruise ship large enough for us to all hide from each other on!!! hahahahaha. Just kidding.

I'll update later when I get my ornament finished. I guess I'll just start another box for these new ones like I did last year. Then I'll sew and finish them all up in the early fall. Later ya'll.

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SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Mariana, Do hope the headaches are getting better.

I am also, trying to get my Christmas ornament stitched for the SAL on FTLOS.

Take care,