Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, I haven't been doing too much lately. I did, as stated in my last post, get a bit caught up in facebook but that's leveled out now and I'm starting to get back into my projects and well, just the day to day living.
The last few weeks, I've started my Amish Friendship Bread Starter again, had my first baking round, got my hair cut again and did a really BAD dye job on it.
First things first (sorry no pics, it's all in the freezer) I took my AFB starter out of the freezer that I had put in there last summer and started it again. It was the first time I had frozen it and it did beautifully. I just brought it back to room temperature before adding the milk, sugar and flour and treating like day 1. This Monday was day 10 and I baked two cakes. One was a chocolate with peanut butter chips and the other was lemon poppyseed. They both turned out so pretty but I forgot to take pictures. I am bringing them down to my sisters for a special "Pastor's Appreciation Dinner" they are having for my other sister who is "the Pastor". So, I can't really give a critique on how those cakes tasted yet. I'll do that after the dinner in the next few weeks. I still had some starter but didn't feel like anymore baking on Monday so I put MY "next batch cup" to the side for the next go round and put the remainder of the starter in the fridge overnight. On Tuesday, I took the starter out of the fridge, let it come to room temp. and baked another cake. All I had left was chocolate pudding so it was another choco. one. I didn't feel really creative, so just added some choco. chips, white choco. chips and the few peanut butter chips I had left over from the Monday baking. I did that baking in 2 loaf pans. I did, however, forget from previous experience, that when I bake this particular bread in loaf pans, that they ALWAYS fall in the center. I don't know why that is! I don't do a thing differently, but that's what happens. I just need to remember to ONLY bake in my bundt pan. So, I'm counting on ya'll to remind me next time! Finally, this last round of "10 days then bake" will be the last time for months and months until I get the yen for some more of this stuff. So, after I get through this round, I'll be freezing another cup of starter for when I want to do that.
Next: BAD HAIR CUT AND DYE JOB As I sit here thinking of this, well there's just no one to blame but myself for either. I knew Linda couldn't cut hair anymore. That's why I quit going to her several years ago in the first place. But go to her I DID. I guess it was just insanity that day. I DO have days like that when the ole remember-er doesn't work!! The only thing that can be done now is to go get it ALL cut off (boy cut like my husbands) or just suffer through and let it grow out long again, which is a pain having it long.....
The dye job..... well, that's a cross between cherry red and I do mean CHERRY KOOLADE RED and some kind of PURPLE!!! What was I thinking? The box said: DARK AUBURN I have used this makers other dark auburn before but this blend was suppose to be with highlights!! Well I'm here to tell everyone: DON'T DO IT. STEP AWAY FROM THE BOX. RUN RUN RUN OUT OF THAT STORE NOW. There, I feel I have now done my part for humanity. I now breathe a sigh of relief that I've warned you all. Now, I'll crawl back into my dark closet and hide until all this mess goes away. It really is embarrasing!
Last but not least, I have finally gotten around to putting up that picture of my January ornament. I hate the picture but love the finished product.... the color of the fabric, the color of the yarns, just everything about it.
It looks SOOO much better in person and the colors really are vibrant and alive. Okay, maybe not your traditional christmas colors but I do like it!

So, just to tell everyone early: "Have a Joyeux Noel" just in case my remember-er isn't working at the end of this year! Enjoy!


Moy said...

I was thinking of a dye job but think I will run for the hills and wait. Thanks for the tip.

Mariana said...

i just chose the wrong kind of color, moy. we'll do yours when we get here and it won't look anything like mine!!!! promise.

Maggie said...

I love your unusual christmas ornie!
I was planing on colouring my hair agian ths weekend (they grey is showing through!!) but after reading your post i have put it off until we come back from our break away, lol.
Sorry, i know it's not good having a bad hair cut,had a few of those in my time.