Friday, October 17, 2008

Okay, last night, while trying to sharpen a kitchen knife, I sliced 3 fingers open. One (my ring finger) was realllllly deep, as in about 1/2"- 3/4" deep. Yes, I bled like a stuck pig but somebody had to finish getting dinner on the stove to cook...... I just wrapped a paper towel around it ( I went through several) before that stupid chili was ready to start cooking. THEN, I called hubby in to doctor me. That in itself was a fiasco!! I probably needed stitches in the ring finger hand but oh well, anyone that knows me knows I pretty much have to go the any doctor at gun point! Anyhow, I am typing this with one hand...yep, the ole pick method.

Craft wise, I am relegated to cross stitch ONLY probably for about 2 weeks or so. Good thing I can do that. I'd go crazy otherwise.

My Spanish Sampler is coming along nicely and I'll post a pic soon.
I've done a couple of small Halloween charts and started a few other Christmas ornaments.
By the way- does anyone know what I did with those other finished ornaments that I had been posting about? I can't find them anywhere. It makes me so mad. I've about torn the house apart looking for them. Please give me some subjestions on where else I can look.... thanks.

I got daughter #2's birthday box of goodies off yesterday in the mail and had crocheted her a cute little french tam with one of my antique buttons for "garnish" and forgot to take a pic of it! I'm hoping she will take the time from school and update her own blog with pics of it....we shall see.

Well, that's all for now. Ya'll have a cocktail, coffee or beverage of your choice to commiserate with me about my poor cut finger. Man, was I really dumb!!!

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