Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last year, when I first found out #2 daughter was learning to knit, I printed off this pattern:

the Ms Poppins bag and gave it to her. I told her when she got advanced enough that I wanted her to make this for me. Well, about 2 weeks ago I got a package in the mail with.....

The parts:

I was SO EXCITED! I hadn't expected it and had (after a year) kinda forgotten I'd given her the pattern. So, double the surprise to actually get it from her. MAN, she must really love me! AND it's the perfect time of year to get it too..... all those fall colors!! I got it lined and finished in a day!

So, without further ado...... here's the bits and bobbles of this most amazingly, wonderful present from my "very favorite" daughter.

The lining....funny how this color comes out in this pic. It's actually brown like the purse!

The button 'specially bought just for this purse. It's huge and must have cost a fortune..buttons being what they are now adays. Looks like a poppy seed cookie to me.....ummmm.

TA DA- the finished product. Don't you just LOVE it!! I DO I DO I DOOOO

It's feltable but I won't go that far yet. Maybe some other day when it gets used hard and needs a bath "badly". Then I'll think about that.

Anyway, it is my absolute favorite bag and I'll keep it forever! Especially since I'm soooo hard to please in a good handbag!

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