Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I FOUND MY STITCHED CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!!!!! I'm a bit embarrassed about where I found them...they were in my closet right in front of my face! I even touched them while looking for them and my mind kept saying- no, that's not them. Boy, am I batting a thousand here or what!!

Hubby mirthlessly laughed when I told him about my last blog post when I "cut my finger 1/2" deep. He pointed out that in that case- my finger was cut off cause it's only about that deep- for real- in depth!. Okay, so I exageratted just a bit- but that cut WAS deep, DID need a stitch or two and STILL hurts! So there- Hubby- take that!

On another note, daughter 2 is having a dickens of a time deciding if she is going to stay in Valdosta and finish her last 2 semesters or just go ahead and try to get out to Colorado. There has been much shouting, fussing, crying/snotting, and hair pulling about this. I have come to decide, that only she can make herself happy and I say " go for it Babe!" Only problem and it's a big one- is money. I hate how life always comes down to money. Hubby and her Dad have both promised to stop all support if she quits school. So, I don't know how she could move. Yet, I have watched said daughter go from being a very self assured, confident, go getter, open/friendly, strong and individual person to a scared, massively depressed, reclusive, never goes anywhere, no confidence or HOPE left type person. I HATE when that happens. I've been watching her go downhill for the last 3 years. I would love to see her get out of there and out to CO to start a life. But I can't even figure out how to tell above hubby that I've changed my mind and agree with her on leaving! That's gonna go over real big when I do- he will probably tell me I can go with her!
(Oh, and I forgot to mention that her BF has put a ring on her finger!! A "family" ring on her finger!! They have no plans for the next 2 years then will decide a date.) which has nothing to do the said move! REALLY she's been wanting to leave since before she even met Walker.
Anywho, anybody have any subjestions on how to get her out to Colorado? What can she do to make money? NO there are no jobs in Valdosta for her. She's been beating the streets for one for 2 years now. NOBODY wants to hire her. Yes, Kim, she's taking those hoops out of her nose when she goes on interviews!
Well, I just wanted to rant for awhile, hopefully no one minds since I'm about the only one that reads these posts anyway. But life has been a tad tough lately and I'm having a bit of a time trying to stay focused.
But now I'm off to go start working on those ornaments and get them finished up. I got one (that wasn't with the lost ones) done yesterday. Will post pixies soon. Later all.

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