Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've had to put my Spanish Sampler away for a bit because I promised #1 daughter at Christmas that I'd make this purse for her BF's daughter's birthday the first of May. So, here it is done. YEAH!!!! The front:

Don't ask me why it looks so funky. It doesn't look this bad in person! Really! So much for our expensive camera. I wonder how those disposable digital's work? Might be worth a try.......

Here's the inside:

Just a simple pocket for her pens/pencils/cel phone, etc.....
I hope this is the last pirate purse I have to do. I've made 3 now and usually only work any pattern 1 time, so, I did pretty good. Now, to mail it.
I have managed to get about 10 min. stitching on my Spanish sampler today too, now that the purse is done. I'm waiting on the air conditioner guy to stop by and check the new system out so I should be able to get in a bit more stitching.
Roasted Pork loin roast for dinner tonight. Mashed potatoes, some sauerkraut or broccoli. Haven't decided that part yet.

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