Monday, April 28, 2008

We've been (well...he's been) painting the upstairs for when the family comes in May to spend the night before we go on our sibling vacation. Must admit I'm rather looking forward to it. Though, I think the real reason is just that I've been so restless lately. I just want to go all the time. Most of that due to the fact that I never leave the house except on Fridays to go grocery shopping. While I'm a gal that can live quite well alone doing my own little things, I do get lonely sometimes. Yes, there it is.... I've admitted it. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Tennessee in May. Lou's peppiness making us all tired just watching her, Don's humor that will keep us all in stitches, Moy's cooking and gentleness, Diane's ornary-ness making us all want to wrestle her on the ground and pull hair and Gay's absolute love of us all- in all our ugliness- yep, she's the one that keeps it all together and makes it workable. Oh- we also call Gay the politician.....
Anywho, I don't have any pics to update this post. I haven't downloaded them on the puter yet. So, I'll just give somewhat of an account and you'll just have to trust me.....
Finished part 1 of Spanish Sampler, waiting for the next one to come out
Finished 2 Christmas ornies: penguins from Shona's place
will be starting one of the hamster's for daughter #1 since she has those animals.
Worked some on the Bitterest flower. I haven't posted any pics of that yet, have I?
I also cut me out a dress for the summer to wear around the house. They are so much cooler than shorts. It's about half done and I'll probably finish that tomorrw. But you'll never see the pic of that cause my sewing's not that good.
Well that's the update for the day.

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