Thursday, October 25, 2007


#2 daughter, her boyfriend and I went to the Apple Festival in Ellijay on the 13th. We had a great time though we didn't stay all day. That was fine with us since she and I had gone last year. I got my apples for my apple butter and put that up this week. It turned out GREAT as always. I think I make the best Apple Butter in the world!!
I'm working on a shawl for my middle sister right now. It's from a free flyer I got at Walmart. I'm crocheting it in RH Light & Lofty Cafe au Lait. It's some kind of wavy pattern- I don't remember the name and the pattern is downstairs. But it's working up very quickly and turning out very pretty. This L&L is very thick and is going to be warm for her. I added extra stitches to make it longer since she's a tall, broad shouldered woman. It should fit her fine. Speaking of fine-- I even wrote a stupid poem to send to her when I get this shawl in the mail. Wanna hear it?-- well, okay.

This shawl is made with love for you
So you won't ever have to be blue.

Wear it at home to keep you warm
When winter decides it wants to storm.

Wear it out, they'll say you look fine
Then they'll try to buy you wine.

Then your shawl they'll try to take
You may just have to burn them at the stake.

Just shout "NO, This treasures MINE
Made just for ME from a sister of mine.

Keep your wine you stinkin' skunks
You won't ever see me drunk.

I'm keeping my shawl just for myself
Go get your own, you naughty elfs. (yeah, I know but it fit)

It makes me happy so I won't be blue
It keeps me warm when I'm at the zoo.

I'll love it forever, It's mine, it's mine
Made just for me from a sister of mine."
Then I have this last line but haven't decided yet if I should add it. What does everybody think? Let me know.

She'll love me forever, I know she will.
I just hope she won't send me a bill.

Well, I know it's dumb but she'll get a real kick out of it. She does have a sense of humor after all. AND even if she doesn't like the poem, she will still love the shawl cause I made it for her.
While I'm still on the subject of her, I taught her to chain, single crochet and half double crochet, last time I was there. She caught on real quick and started making herself some dishcloths with some cotton I gave her. I talked to her a few weeks ago and I think she's hooked on crochet now!! I had to make up another box of cotton so she could make some more cloths and mail it to her.

If I ever figure out how to get my pics out of my new digital camera and get then get them somewhere where I can upload them- I'll add the pic of her shawl when it's done.

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