Monday, October 29, 2007

Project Update

Just a quick update on projects:

-Rae's stinkin' Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt- still making hexes. I have at least made most of the colored flowers (only 2 more to make) and am concentrating on the black ones for the filler part. I can't believe 2 years later I'm still having to add to this. I hate, hate hate it!!! I won't ever do another pieced crochet quilt again!! EVER
- Moy's shawl is about half done now and looking mighty fine. She is going to love it and I sure hope that it will be very warm for her. This is the one listed in my last post worked with the Light N Lofty.
- I made myself a quick beanie hat to wear camping this weekend and really need to start on another pair of fingerless gloves. Otherwise, my fingers are going to freeze. I can't find any of the hundreds of others I've made in the past years.
Projects I've recently found that need to go in a rotation:
- Brooks' pink ripple blanket
- Billys' kitten in a row blanket
- my tapestry crochet horse totebag
- a Barbie dress I started for Brook

Cross Stitch
- Dragon Dreams- Element dragons
- the Dragonfly I started for Kim

I need to actually sit down and decide what I need to get finished for Christmas gifts this year and get er done!! Hmmm- definitely the shawl and Barbie dress. I need to finish those for sure and start more Barbie clothes. Barb can't just have 1 new dress this year. Azel also wants some kind of purse to carry her cel phone, pencil stuff in. So, maybe I'll start that while we're camping this weekend since I'm making it out of nylon. If it gets dirty camping- it can be washed with no hassels.

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