Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well, NewComer's Collegium has come and gone. It was a big hit. Essyelt outdid herself in the planning and organizing. I think this is the first year that everything ran smoothly. Things were set up that morning very quickly and all the classes started on time. We had a hitch in that a few of the teachers got sick and couldn't make it but Essyelt had even planned for this and had backup teachers ready.
The fighter's had an awesome day on the field and the rapier figher's also tore up their opponets. All were worn out at the end of the day. All in all, an excellent event.
Last weekend was Fool's War down in Macon. Yes, I went even though I had no idea how long I'd be able to stay. You see, the weather (as always when I attend this particular event) was doing it's own thing. After all, it is Spring, people. Last year, I high tailed it to Tifton to see #2 daughter because there were tornadoes on the way. This year, the temperatures were down in the 20's at night!! I did manage to spend Friday night on site and up till about 4pm the following day and had a lovely time. Well, except for the wind blowing cold the entire time. That wasn't pleasant. Anyway, I had gone back to my tent around 3pm and people were already tearing down to go home. Upon asking what they thought they were doing-- I was told that the temperature for Sat. night was suppose to be 20'. Well, after having slept the night before in 23' temps. I just really didn't want to do that another night. Though, with the new sleeping bags, I slept very warmly, my face was frozen all night, not being able to sleep with it under the covers (can't breathe that way), the biggest complaint was that I FORGOT MY EAR PLUGS. Stupid mistake on my part. The firepit had been brought in AFTER I set up my tent and it was placed directly IN FRONT OF me!! I just HATE when that happens and will probably not camp with our group anymore just because of it. Don't get me wrong, the folks are all friendly but some of the younger whipper-snappers must have been born in a barn. All they know is one level of talking- LOUD. Doesn't matter that it's 4am and there are people trying to sleep- they just don't care. I'M OLD. I NEED MY SLEEP- folks!! :)
So-- projects:
-I have finished my red dragon with the metallic silver background. I have plans to sew it into a small project/sissors case. I am almost finished with the 2"x2" matching pin cushion. That, I will sew a short ribbon on to loop around my sissor hole. Should be pretty sweet when it's done. I have absolutely got to get a digital camera so ya'll can see all my project stuff.
-Harry Potter still only has one side of his head with hair but I did manage to finish his robe and he's now dressed at least.
-I really can't remember what else I've finished off but I know there was just escapes me right now.
-I am making progress on the Prairie Schooler autumn village, the french weather calendar, dragonfly and now almost finished with the PS Tend Your Garden sampler. I put the Peppermill Farms one away again...sigh... I guess it's just going to be one of those life long projects!
-Last but certainly not least, I have been looking for another charity to do something for. I've been looking at premmie baby stuff. There's a lot of seemingly good groups out there doing lots of good work. So, I printed out a dress pattern for a bitty one and am making it to start a box for donations. I'll find some other patterns, get stuff made, add to the box and send it out when it's full. I'll decide who it goes to later. I'd like to send it somewhere closer to home.

On a final note: Crazy Aunt Pearl (see link at left) has been having some smelly issues as of late. She's such a pip! Funny girl. And if you have time, go check out Beck's new Dobby afghan. Pretty cool. MAN that lady is talented!

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