Friday, February 2, 2007

Well, just, YEAH. I finally figured out how to add the comments button!Now everyone can let me know what I need to add, change, etc.. about my blog.


A quick update: I finally gave Harry all his appendages and he now has a fully functioning body. NO! Don't go there! He still needs hair and embroidered facial features plus scar and I need to find some glasses for him. I was actually thinking of making some out of some wire that I have left over from other projects. I'll keep thinking about it and decide later.

I've managed to finish tonight a purse I started before hubby's brain surgery. It's a free tear off pattern from Michael's store when I was in there around Christmas. Brown, with fuzzy-ball things in the contrasting yarn. I'd go get the labels but they're in the other room and I'd have to get up, so I'll post what kind of yarn that is that I used later. Anyway, instead of the suede yarn that it called for on the body of the purse, I used Wool-ease, 2 strands held together to kind of mock the thickness of the suede that I didn't use. It looks really cute and the only other thing I changed was to add D rings for the purse handles instead of sewing them directly to the purse. I lined it in the cutest fabric that I bought at Walmart. It, the fabric, is Pink Panther with a brown background and various other hues of pink in it. I am pretty pleased with the results but of course, the real test will be when I actually use this purse. If it doesn't function right then it will probably get passed off to someone that needs/doesn't need it. :p)

Another project that I finished today is a bodice made for my Shire. There is also a skirt to go with it that just needs the hem put in. I will probably get that finished up tomorrow. The set will probably go into a raffle basket for our Newcomer's Collegium in March. I still need to make a pouch to go with it and some kind of head covering. NO, none of this is crocheted- it's sewn. While I am by no means a seamstress- I can carry a pretty good load in this department having made several of my own historic garments. Course, I'm not saying that they're perfect but I do get compliments on the 16thC. Flemish EVERYTIME I wear it.

Well, that's all for now 'cause it's getting late.

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