Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've been trying to finish off some old UFO's that I found while cleaning closets.
One is a cross stitch pic of Peppermill Farms that was started way back in ...? When I pulled it out, I could see that I had half of it done already so there was no reason not to work on it.
Since hubby is recovering from brain surgery, I pretty much am staying close to home and only running out to the store around the corner when needed. That means, I'm going to have plenty of time to finish stuff OR start more stuff, which ever comes first.
Did I happen to mention that I started crocheting a Harry Potter doll?! He's more than half done already in the last 2 days. He still needs one leg and his 2 arms. I found him at: . I couldn't find the link for this lady's home page. He's really cute even though mine doesn't look as cute as this lady's.
I'd like to add Ron and Herm. like Beck did over at her blog . If I remember correctly, she also has done a Prof. Flitwick. You'd have to check her archive for last year. I've been mulling around in my head of maybe trying to work up a Haggrid pattern. Heck, I've been crocheting for years! There's no reason I couldn't make some of my own patterns, well.... that is except that I can get a bit lazy at times and easily befuddled in my poor little ole brain.
Anyway, getting back to Harry, I hope one day to get a digital camera so I'll be able to post pics here. Hey, maybe by that time, I'll have him finished or maybe even the whole gang!!!

Peppermill Farms just could possibly do another bout in the closet (a different one this time) if hubby gets back on his feet quickly. It certainly seems a miracle that he even survived that kind of surgery let alone that my dear man is mending this fast. I'm hoping he will be his full, sweet, Mr. Comment self in no time at all!

Changing subject here: did I happen to mention that I started reading a new food blog? No? Well, I've added the link over there on the left of my page but for those good folks that don't know how to get to it (snicker, it reminds me of me when I first started using a 'puter) here it is, just click on this link: . I happen to know this person personally and know that she's very creative and very inventive AND she had an excellent grasp of what goes with what. I've trusted my tastebuds to her many times. Ask her about her Charizo Soup. Wow.
Anyway, gotta run for now. Later.

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