Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just a quick update: Stop by Beck's Blog (left side link) and check out the afghan she did. WOW That lady is very talented! She took a pic of her son, turned it into a graph and worked it up in his school colors. It's incredible- the likeness.

I've finished several projects lately while still confined with hubby.
I've managed to finish 2 purses, free pattern from a flyer I got at Michael's. I also finished a book bag for #2 daughter. I used a skeleton graph I found in a post at for the front and worked up a saying "Ye, Intruders Beware" (from the movie Goonies when Mouth is reading the map up in the attic) for the back of the bag. I then put it in Babelfish and used the English to French translation (cause she took French in high school). I embroidered this on the back using a chain stitch. I'm not real crazy with how that part came out but there's too much work in it to try to frog it. So, it's staying. Anyway, it's still cute and since she probably won't use it anyway- it works for me. She just bought herself a digital camera so when she figures out how to use it, maybe I can get her to take a pic and post it on HER blog since I don't have a camera yet. I'll let you know.
Hubby and I have been looking for one (camera). Do you know that there is now one that's sort of like a disposable camera?!! I thought that was pretty cool. I mean, if you have no need to buy a good one cause you just aren't the type of person to take pictures but you just want one for maybe a vacation or special occasion like a party (kids, graduation, etc..) then I think it's a great idea for them to come up with something like that. I bet the pics wouldn't be so great though.
Anyway, getting back to projects, I have been finding all over the house, cross stitch projects that got started and then put away for whatever reason. I've pulled out what I have found and have started a rotation to try to get some of them finished. I'll post a list of what they are later so I can try to list my progress. One project (started that got put away) is Eomer from LOTR. I had found the pattern on the shipofdreams site quite some time ago and since I had already finished and framed up Haldir (from the same site) about a year ago, I had started the latter for #2 to go with it. My plan was to eventually do all the patterns I had accumulated from LOTR as a set (I have several of the characters). Getting back to Eomer, I am looking for him to put him in my rotation too but so far- he is eluding me. I'll find him sometime though and get started back on him. Never fear!
I also have started a set of Dragonflies for a good friend down in Florida. It's from a new chart I bought at Michael's 2 weeks ago. Yes, I actually BOUGHT a new chart!! Kim loves dragonflies and has redone her spare bathroom in them. It looks very classy and fabulous! VERY CLASSY indeed! The d-flies she has in there are real looking not cartoonish and the 2 prints hanging on the wall were photographed by a neighbor of hers that is a photographer so you know they are quality. I know she won't hang this set of 3 that I am doing for her in there but she will hang them somewhere! I'll also post the name of the chart I'm using later just in case you want to know.
I've been doing a lot of sewing lately for our Shire's (Owl's Nest) Gold Key. We were such a little group for so long and since we are growing big - quickly, we needed loaner garb. Our NewComer's Collegium is next month and we needed to have some ready for that. If you want to go check out the latest news on Bad Thomas, here's the link, look under Life around the Shire/ Thomas has aroused Baron Cathal.....Our Thomas is sooo BAD!!!! (chuckle, he just kills me! His favorite saying: MINE!)

Well, I guess this wasn't such a short update after all. Until next time......

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