Friday, January 19, 2007


I'm a self taught crocheter. I learned when my ex-ex husband bought me an afghan kit. Oh, that was way back in the 70's. It was a ripple afghan worked in sc in brown, orange and yellow; the colors of the decade. I struggled through that 'ghan, frogged more times than I can remember but finally finished it just in time for our divorce 2 years later. I didn't touch a hook after that for at least 4 years.
I had remarried by then, had a baby on the way and wanted to make something. I don't know what it was- but I wanted to make it. I guess I was going through a form of preggers cravings only with yarn instead of food.
I went to the store and bought yarn, hooks, books, whatever I was going to need to make "it". When I came home and began reading the instruction books, I realized two things:

first, that my ex had really done me no favors by giving me that first kit- it was a dreadful thing that I hated working on IN SC and only worked on it when he was around and for an absolute beginner, it was hard!

and second, that my ex had really given me a life time love of yarns, an ability to set myself free and explore the creative side of myself; to see colors in new ways, and to feel accomplishment in something that I'd made myself.

I discovered that crochet didn't have to be hard. It could be fun and best of all-- easy. With that first kit, I didn't know that and had always felt inadequate when I worked on that 'ghan. I didn't know I was suppose to be having fun! Well, I learned quickly and have really loved crochet ever since.
Who cares that not everything I make is perfect or useable. It's the excitement of the new project that gets me going, the 1000 colors I have to choose from, the type of yarn and best of all the feel of the yarn that gives me such pleasure.
I'll never be a professional crocheter but I'll sure enjoy it for the rest of my days.
You know, I can't remember what the "it" was that I finally made when I renewed my interest in crochet while I was pregnant, nor do I know whatever happened to that first Ripple Afghan but I did find that very pattern that came in that kit just the other day while I was cleaning a closet. Funny how we hold on to things, isn't it?! I'll never use that pattern again as long as I live but there just might be someone in my future that needs a hobby. I'll pass it off to them to enjoy! ;)

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