Monday, August 16, 2010

So, about 2 months ago now, I bought a Better Homes and Garden magazine. Yes, yes, I know, I don't usually waste money on magazines but I was just in the mood and got it. In there (I think it was the June issue) was an article by a baker for homemade chocolate pie. That brought back so many happy memories of Mom and all her cakes, cookies and pies that she made. My favorites that she made were her Lemon meringue, Chocolate meringue and her Coconut pie. I loved sitting in the kitchen watching her get out all the ingredients to whip one (usually more than that) up from scratch. She was a whiz at baking. The women of her era usually were.
Anyway, when I saw this article, I knew I just had to make one right then. So, I did. Mine, however, was made with Splenda because Mr. Man is diabetic. It turned out quite delicious even if it was a Splenda pie. He loved it and wants another soon. He isn't crazy about the meringue so I didn't completely cover the pie in it. But homemade it is!! From scratch, just like Mom used to make. I just wish she was here to have shared it with us.

See how nice and thick that meringue is? That was so he could just pull it off and leave it on the side of his plate and wouldn't have to waste any of the chocolate trying to get it off! :) He's a pip.


Moy said...

It looks so good. wish i had a piece and I'd even eat the meringue.

Mariana said...

:) Mom always made such good meringue that I grew up liking it too, Sis.