Monday, March 22, 2010

Edit: OH Here's that second pic: Looks pretty rough doesn't it! See the beginning of this post after this pixie.
Remember that hardtack I made? Well, I finally tried it BUT I think I tried it with the wrong kind of stuff. I had some microwave chili that needed to be used. So, I thought that would be a good thing to test this hardtack out on...... Well, I don't think it was. I think I just needed some good ole fashion Chicken Noodle Soup with lots of broth.
Admittedly, this does look somewhat tasty but the hardtack was sooooo hard and there just wasn't enough juice to actually soften it up. LOL I tried to bite a piece off and thought my poor teeth would fall out of my mouth! At the end of the bowl, that real nice square of hardtack was still a real nice square of chili covered brick! I did take a pic of the "end of bowl" remains but it didn't turn out on my camera so you'll just have to look at this pic. See how nice it looks?
I'll just have to do another test run on these babies at a future date. Hubby doesn't eat a lot of soup so I don't make it too often.


Moy said...

the first pic looks nasty but the second one looks tasty. I would try it. Oh, love the new header pic.

Mariana said...

SHAME ON YOU for dissing my ugly hardtack chili, Sis. :) yep, it did look pretty nasty. hehe