Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just here to add a few quickie pictures. It's late night but I'd been meaning to post these for awhile so here goes. These first two are of the squares for daughter 2's Babette Blanket that got started last summer (or before!) Aren't they every so pretty and colorful?! Yes, I'll have a ton of yarn ends to weave in before these babies every think of getting put together. I've only got about half of them done so there's still a ton left to make. :(

Up close and personal.

These are just two of the scarves I made this winter that are getting ready to be packed to send to daughter 2 along with some edging lace I had made several years ago and didn't use. They are sized for the edge of a standard pillow case. She had mentioned that she wanted some and SHE is the one that actually reminded me that I had made it! So, the least I can do is put it in the box for her. I had done several pieces of it in the past but the rest did get used on her pillows when she was so much younger. She was the princess way back then and had to have pretty cases. The old plain ones just wouldn't have worked. :)
Oh, the purple scarf is just folded and tied up so it won't get everywhere when I mail it. So, ignore that green yarn on it. It is one of the knitted scarves that I did at her apartment when I went down in Dec. to help her get ready for her move after graduation. Yes, I'm still a straight beginning knitter. The scarf on the right is the Luna Lovegood (crochet) scarf. That pattern is floating around on the net and you might be able to find it over at Crochet Pattern Central, at least I think you can find it there. I should have unfolded it so you can see the pattern on it. Well, you'll have to trust me, it is a pretty scarf. Both of these are my use it up: de-stash projects. Both made with some Simply Soft laying around. The knitted one is 3 strands and made a good heavy scarf.

Here's the pic of my brand new spankin' clothes pin apron. I made it yesterday also out of left-over fabric that was in the stash pile. Pretty spiff, ain't it! No, I don't have a clothes line living in the heart of suburbia (sp- that doesn't look right) with stringent covenants set in place and it may be years before I do have one but when I need it- I'll have it. Anyway, I can still use it around the house and dream of the day that I'll have a clothesline and a garden and chickens and such.
That stripped part is one big ole giant pocket!!! Just think of all the stuff I can get in there! And just in case you're wondering, yes, I purposely made the ties short and small. I didn't want all that bulk on this particular apron. I'm gonna be making a few more aprons and will do them however I feel like doing them- and you can't stop me cause YOU'RE NOT THE APRON POLICE! muyaahahaha

And last but not least is my experiment in canning butter (left) or as they say in some circles: making Ghee (right). Super simple. Two different methods. I might have posted a pic of the one on the left recently. I don't remember for sure just right now but if you've seen it..... well, enjoy it again, why don't ya.
I don't know if either method will hold up to long term storage (which is the KEY thing to do right now in our household) but I'll let you know in a few months when I open one up, then again maybe in late Fall when I open the other one. If all goes as planned, I'll put up more of it this coming winter. I know, I know, we aren't even out of this winter yet but we will be soon. Spring has to come sometime soon. I know cause I've seen the marshmallow PEEPS in the stores already....

Until it does, I'm still hibernating but staying busy. This week-end I'll be making a pot of soup so I can try out that hardtack I made. It's hiding in that baseball tin behind the jars. I'll let you know how that works for me. Ya'll have a good night.

** Just stopping back in to edit: I looked at CPC for the Luna scarf and didn't see it there but I know it's over at Craftster's and also at the Leaky-Cauldron. If you're interested, you can just Google it and it'll pop right up. Night again.

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Moy said...

Love that teal colored scarf, the lace is fav and the apron is awesome...I need me one of them. hint, hint...I can tell by the color that you used different methods to can it. Hope it works for you.