Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just posting a few pics of what I got for Valentine's Day cause they were just too beautiful not to. Chocolate covered strawberries from my Honey. They were truely YUM!
I've been a bit busy lately with preparing for the future and it has taken up a lot of my time and mind.
Yesterday, I tried my hand at canning a jar of butter. I plan to open it up in a few months to see if it's still any good since it's on my pantry shelf and NOT in the fridge. We will see.
Today, I'm headed off downstairs to go try my hand at some hardtack. Yep, just like the pioneers had. This I'm trying only cause I WANT TO AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME !!! hahaha
Crafty-wise: I'm still working on daughter 2's Babette blanket!! But have made several scarves and fingerless gloves this winter. Some I have pictures for and some I don't . So, on my next post, I'll get those pics up.
But for now: off I go to the kitchen. Wish me luck!

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