Monday, June 15, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive. I've been really busy. Getting ready to leave Thursday to go get the grandkids for their week with the Grands.
I have some pictures to put up but it will have to wait till I get back. Not much. Just some pictures of the floor where they had to replace some of it and my new dishwasher. YES- that's why the floor had to be replaced. We had a leak that only the cat knew about! That right. She would sit in front of the dishwasher and just stare at it. She did it for MONTHS! This is not the first time she has found a leak in the house. She did the same thing then, so, you'd think we'd pay closer attention to her. Well, from now on we will.
Anyway, I'll get real chatty in a week or so when I get back from taking the GK's home. Later, ya'll.

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