Thursday, May 7, 2009

I know this has been a long time coming but I've been busy. So, here's the month of Marchs'/Aprils' highlights.

Ya'll remember that I went to MS to pick up my sister and bring here back to my house for a weeks visit? Well, here's Martha aka Moy....#4 sister. We are at the rest stop just getting into GA after a long days drive: about an hour from my home. Ain't she sweet! Yep, we were both looking a bit tired by that time, though the food helped.

While Moy was here we made jam from some of her juice that we brought back with us, cause.. well.... that's what Moy and I do when we get together. Doesn't matter what time of year it is...... we WILL make jam. This time it was Red Plum, Golden Plum, Blueberry and Mystery Plum (it was a batch made with the left over juice of all three juices listed above mixed together. It turned out quite tastey.)
So, here's Moy looking good and fresh at the start of the day. Doesn't she look excited to get started!! She's such a happy girl!

We got everything all measured out. It was SOOO much nicer to just already have the fruit juice ready to go and not have to prep all that fruit! Here's the first batch jammin. Red Plum, looks great, right?

HAHA "Fatty, fatty, two by four...." yep, this is me looking really sad and wayyyy to saucy! If I'd known that it was gonna be a picture day, I would have changed my shirt to something that hid all so you folks looking at this picture wouldn't have to suffer so much! But Hey, who cares, right? I was working HARD! I do however, really need to get to work on that gut!! DISSS gusting!
So, here's me taking my turn at stirring, not even bothering to suck that gut in OR pull those shoulders back! Mom would have been so ashamed of me. :)

And here's Moy, taking her turn at stirring. Did I happen to mention that we made about 7 or so batches of jam?!

Here we go: Into the jars! This is the exciting part.

We did this several times that day.

But this is what we ended up with! LOTS AND LOTS OF GOOEY, SWEET JAM. Another jammin' session, well done. Way to go, Moy. We did good. What kind are we making this summer when I come down?

Martha and her church got involved with the Red Letter Envelope day where they got all these people to address red envelopes to the white house. They were printed with a saying about how each empty envelope represented an aborted baby who would never have a voice in this world. (So Sad - really!) But it was a big event for them. Here she is at her home getting all her stuff for this event ready to bring to my house so we can work on it there. Wait a minute! Maybe she's playing games.....either way, you can see the red envelopes there.

They were going to have an outdoor event and a blood drive at the same time. So, they needed some little pick me ups to pass out for those that gave blood and they could sign their envelope at the same time.
We did the cupcakes while she was at my house. Here she's measuring the vanilla into the cupcakes. They were red velvet, btw.

She mixed:

and mixed.....

One batch is baking here.

But before they baked, she had to get the batter into the cups. She did this about a 1000 times!!!

And here's a bunch already made and (I think) the last batch getting ready to go in the oven! WHEW.

At the end of a loong day, see how tired my poor sissy is. She can't even keep her eyes open!
Sleep good tonight Sis cause we're on the road tomorrow for home!

So at the end of a good busy week in which we did go to a movie cause she hasn't been to one in about a billion years, (don't even remember what we saw but the popcorn was good) we got on the road to take her home. I was so sad but she will return some day.
Well, when we got back to Quitman, I was suppose to go stay with my other sister for a few days but her husband got sick. So, I got to spend a few more days with Moy at her house, where we went and got her many plants to make her a pot garden. It was fun and I had a really wonderful time with my GREAT SISTER.
A few weeks after that, Hubby and I took off for Florida to spend a few days with our very good friends. Hubby fished and K and I planted her garden too. K's Mom also adopted me into their family! ROCKIN ROCKETS! I feel honored!! BUT even with all this excitement, I came home from both places so jealous that I don't have my own garden! The only thing that made me feel better was this....

My white iris FINALLY was white this year, instead of yellow like the last 2 years! That's exciting stuff!


marthasued said...

Good job of pics and writing about our special time together. The Iris is beautiful. My christmas cacti is starting to bloom. Quess its on Georgia time instead of Mississippi time. lol maybe we'll try pineapple jam next time. I never made it before. XOXOXOXO Martha aka Moy.

marthasued said...

BTW Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Mariana said...

PINEAPPLE JAM!!! WOWEEWOW! I all for that. It's certainly worth a try. Thanks for the comment on my blog, sis and Happy Mom's Day to you too.