Monday, January 5, 2009

Just stopped in for a second. Well, today is finally the day that daughter 2 comes with her fiance'. I'm sure we will love him and I KNOW he will love us! :) She has posted a picture on her blog of her "family" ring if you'd like to look at it: It's the second post down- at this point. I think it's a pretty ring and looks lovely on her finger! She's NOT a frou frou girl and it suits her.

They should be here by 3-3:30 and I'm doing those last minute things people do when they are prepping for someone who's never been to their house before..... like getting those dust bunnies that have finally escaped from under the chairs to the middle of the floor, bathrooms that don't want to shine up and baseboards that are continually black with cat hair!

Tonight's dinner menu: Grilled Rib Eye Roast
Baked Potatoes with Fixin's OR Salad (haven't decided yet)
Stir Fry Veggies: Broccoli, Yellow Squash, Carrots and Zucchini

AND Sweet Potatoes Rolls IF I can get downstairs and get them done in time. Dessert? Well, there's plenty of Christmas cookies left in the freezer seeing how I never made up a plate to snack on. What was up with that, I'm wondering!

Anyway, I did get some new cross stitch charts and a bit of fabric for Christmas. I'll post pics at the end of the week when I get some more time to do that. I think daughter is only staying till Wednesday afternoon.

Gotta run and go get those rolls ready to rise. Have a good day everyone.


Maggie said...

I hope all goes well with meeting your future son in law! the meal you have planned sounds yummy and it will be great for you to have your daughter at home.

Can you share how to make sweet potato rolls?? they sound good.

Maggie x

Mariana said...

Thanks Maggie. So far things are going very well. He's a doll and I can tell really suits her. They have a lot in common AND he seems to be a very tolerant man! :)
Yes, I'll get the kids out the door and post my recipe for you in a few days. We love them but I only make them about once a year now cause I'd sit and eat the entire batch all at once! I LOVE bread. Oh and dinner was absolutely delicious. Yes, I got the rolls done just in time.