Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just a quick update while I'm already logged on.
It's been a busy month with #2's breakup from BF on Valentines day. What slime he was for doing that...up to that point, I had actually liked him! Then she got in a car wreck- NOT HERE FAULT. A woman pulled out in front of her. Cars totalled and guess what we're shopping for now?! Go see her pic of car here

Well, on another note, I've stated the new Spanish Sampler mystery at Lady Periphaeria's She put up the first part of it last night early for those of us who just couldn't wait anymore. That was soooo sweet of her. I had finally managed to finish gridding my fabric last week so was able to get started stitching last night. I didn't get too much done, just the center portion of the chart but plan to stitch today since I'm stuck doing laundry. I'll post a pic of my progress in a few days to let you see how it's coming along.

Update on other stitching:
The Blueberry Pickers are over half done. I'm working on my last little girl and already have one of her arms done.
Gay's Flower Sampler: I've started the individual letter blocks now. I'm on "A".
Christmas ornaments: I stitched a Dragon Dream one for Brook and also DD am almost done with "Oh Holey Knight".
I am 1/2 done with one of the Prairie Schooler house designs.

When I finally get some new update pics taken and posted, I'll have the info on what books I got the patterns from.

Well all, since the sky is about the flood open with the thunder/lightening thing... it's time for me to shut this compter thingy down for a while.

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