Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And while I'm showing projects: This cutie KNITTED baby and pretty card, was sent to me from Daughter 2 right after we lost Midnight. She ~ daughter ~ knitted it with her own 2 hands/needles. She did a wonderful job on my "forever with me" kitty. I don't know where she got the card but it was just perfect and the head is shaped exactly like Midnights was. The back with M on the butt for Midnight.

The side: (uhhh, that's an arm ya'll)

And the entire kitty, sooo cute. I LOVE HER (and that's a tail ya'll, shame on you!)

Strike a pose up against all those Girlscout cookies hubby couldn't turn away from buying. NO, I don't have any left!!!

Midnight sits with me every night in my sewing room while I watch tv, just like she used to do. She can now be with me forever. Thanks Sarah, you are a very special, thoughtful daughter.

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