Monday, December 29, 2008

Okay, Sorry about taking so long to update. I don't have much time right now either. Hubby has been home since the Friday before Christmas week and he's needed my constant attention - just like when my kids were little!! It's been a very trying time. I'm used to having him go to work, call me at 10am and then see him by 3pm. So, needless to say, I'm also used to having my days to myself!! Anyway, he did run to the store for just a second so I'm taking this time to update quickly. No time for the looonnggg post I'd been planning to do, complete with notes so I wouldn't forget to mention some stuff. Oh well, I'll just say here that I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday- whatever you celebrate. I did but now it's time for things to get back to normal! Even though daughter 2 has yet to get up here so we can give her her gifts!! Not her fault...she was in Pennsylvania meeting her new future in-laws! So she's forgiven but she won't be making it up here until next week. Anyway, I already hear the garage door opening so here's the newest updated finished projects- finished, I might add, a few weeks ago. Later.

Here's my very last finished ornament of the year. It's a freebie from Tanya at The Honeysuckle Tree blog. Thanks, Tanya, I had fun stitching this one and it looks great on my tree.

I finally made my very first floss ring tag! I think it turned out really good for a firsty. What do you think?

Back: (those are shadows from the window)


Daughter 2's newest crochet hat--very bad picture!!

Newest store bought fancy smanchy ornament


Maggie said...

Glad you had a ggod Christmas, pity your daughter was not there though, my eldest didn't come till Boxing Day for her gifts, it was strange not seeing her on 'the day'.
I am with you on the husband thing, mine has been here since the week before Christmas, and i am used to seeing him only at weekends, he workd away during the week. All i can say is roll on Monday lol.


Maggie xx

Mariana said...

Snort, chuckle and a BIG giggle on the hubby thing. Here I thought I was the only one NEEDING my own space back! YES- roll on Monday!!

I'm glad your daughter got to come home even if it wasn't on " the day" . I know it gets harder and harder for them to manage that as they get even older and have more going on in their lives.
Daughter 2 will be here on the coming Monday but will only stay a few days. So, I will still have to wait a few days for my space back but - it's different when it's your grown- gone kids. At least THEY know how to be independant!
Daughter 1 lives in Florida and sadly I don't get to see her much OR my grandkids. But I talk to them alot so missing them isn't as bad as it could be. We still managed to have a fine Christmas day with just the two of us.
Hope your holiday was very jolly and that you have a wonderful New Year. Thank you for taking the time to write on my blog.