Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm trying to repost this pic cause yesterday when I uploaded it - it was perfectly clear and this morning when I looked at it again it was one fuzzy blob. I'm really hating photobucket lately. Can anyone give me any hints/tips on how to post better pixies useing the photobucket? OR can anyone give me the link to another free website where I can host my pics? Thanks.
Anyway, hope this one is clearer than the previous post.
We will be taking off for my sister's on Wednesday so I won 't be posting till I get back home.
PLEASE have a safe Thanksgiving if you're traveling and enjoy the day with your family and friends. Don't eat too much. I'll do that for ya!!!

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Mrs. Arrow said...

Okay, I promise I'm not a stalker, but now that I have found your blog I am just KNOCKED OUT! (I left the request for the Santa Purse pattern earlier) You are one talented lady! I x-stitch and crochet, I tried to learn to knit, I'm gonna try again.
Anyway, that Pirate Purse you made. Where did you find the pattern? My husband's birthday falls on "National Talk Like a Pirate Day" and it would be great for me to use when I take him out.
I'm a new fan!
Mrs. Arrow