Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yes, Spring has sprung in Georgia. This is the only color I have in my yard, though. Camellia- Kramer Supreme. In honor of my Mother who's name was Camellia and my Dad who loved her so much that he spent a life time growing, grafting, and showing these at many flower shows. He won many, many ribbons. I remember when the old hot house got too small for all of the yearlings that he just built another- bigger- much bigger.
Mom and Dad are both gone now- I miss them soooo much- but many of those same Camellias I knew and loved as a small girl survived the devastation of hurricane Katrina. My sister who has the old house said they were glorious this year and still are, seeing they bloom at different times.

Here's the newest ornament finish. A freebie I am almost sure I got at The Sampler Girls site but it isn't listed in the freebies right now..... I know it's still out there in cyberland though. I changed just a few things on it to suit myself.


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