Monday, February 4, 2008


I have really been getting kinda sick of my crochet. I mean, come on people, I've been doing pretty much nothing but crochet for the last 3 years. Ghans, purses, scarves, etc... I'm really just tired of it all. There's nothing new I want to do and I need a break. I know, I know, I still have that Babette blanket promised for #2 daughter but I told her up front that it would be literally "forever" before I got it done so she KNOWS and I have that other pirate purse promised for #1's BF's daughter for her b-day in May and I'll get that done- eventually. I still have to put a new border onto 1's Grandmother's Flower Garden because I CAN NOT TOLERATE doing 1 more hex!!! So, I'm just going to start a dc border around it all and I DON'T CARE what it is going to look like. I just DON'T CARE!!! Though, it really should look okay.
Anyway, I have just started getting back into my stitching and have set a goal for myself this year. I need new ornaments for the Christmas tree IF I plan on putting it up anymore, which I do. So, I plan on having by the end of the year at least 12 ornaments finished and ready for the tree or giving as gifts, decorating presents with, etc....... Doesn't matter if I do one a month or 5 a month, just as long as the 12 are done by mid Dec.
So far, I have managed to finish 2 and almost done with 1 more. I'll post pics of them, probably later today/tomorrow. I'll do all the finishing/sewing them all into ornaments all at one time. Easier that way.
The two I've finished stitching are admittedely 2 that were started a few years ago and got put away when company came to visit, then I couldn't find them again until this Jan. But find them I did and they were in different stages of being done. So, I finished them. YEA! This third one is a Lizzy Kate: Cozy Christmas Wishes. I'm changing the pattern to have only one cookie on it, cause, well...... I'm on a diet. No point in stitching 2 big fat ole cookies on it to tempt me further. I mean... who doesn't "snack" when they stitch??? I'm almost done with this one and the 4th one I plan on is a Dragon Dreams one from one of the JCS Ornament issues. I'm pretty sure I'll be stitching the one with the knight. Right now I can't remember which issue it's in- that's in my sewing room- or the exact name of the chart but it has something like: silent knight or o holy knight...... It's cute.
So, that's what I'm gonna be doing this year and it's been easy to get some of these little ones done. Remember, in Dec. I did start my oldest sissy an alphabet flower sampler which is coming along nicely. I'll try and post a pic of that too, if you're interested.
Last but not least, for those of you that know me and know that my husband calls me "MaGoo", yes, you remember right, that's him... as in Mister....... I only stitch on 14 or 11 ct. I just can't see anything else at this point and I'm not ready to stop stitching forever. So, I've just relegated myself to the larger count fabs and call it a day. It still gives me mucho enjoyment and it doesnt' matter if you don't like the look of my stuff cause it's not being done on your prissy 3000ct fab. LOL I'm just happy that I can still stitch cause, come on, what's life without stitching?

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