Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Christmas present

While watching Lonesome Dove last weekend with the Hub, I remembered that #1 daughter had asked me this summer to make her a purse just like I had made #2 daughter. So, I pulled out the (YES) acrylic in black and white and started a skull purse for her. I got it finished up yesterday and will be working on the lining today. I'll post pics later for all to see. I think it turned out just as well as #2's.
I have finished a gift for daughter 2 also but can't talk about it cause she might pop in here to check things. Wouldn't want to give the surprise away now would we!! ;)
I have also started a new cross stitch sampler for my oldest sister for her birthday in Feb. It's a flower sampler from a book I got at Goodwill (Better Homes and Gardens Cross-Stitch Samplers, copyright 1986) and it is suppose to be for her new flower/planting shed that they built after Katrina came through. I haven't seen it yet but am hoping that I can get this sampler finished before I go visit sister #3 in mid Jan. so we can drive to Gay's one day to see the shed and give it to her. If not, then I just may have to plan another trip down there in Feb. to give it to her.

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